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If it can be done online, Gen 3 Ventures can do it from beautiful design, to complex web app development. We also run massive media campaigns with the major search engines and display advertising platforms. Handling the entire marketing funnel from impression to conversion allows us to achieve results far superior to online ad agencies that only handle media. Our belief in an integrated approach runs so deep that, with few exceptions, we won’t take on business unless we handle the entire funnel.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With over 3 million keywords under management, we execute successful campaigns in some of the most competitive verticals like travel and insurance. We start with a proprietary account strategy, which enables us to identify successful keywords, expand on high performing themes, and eliminate under-performers. Our optimization technology combined with sophisticated landing page testing enables us to drive more volume at a lower CPA. Finally, our insistence on ongoing testing and optimization ensures that ROI continues to improve.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our team of search engine optimization experts understand that every website has a different strategy. Unlike other agencies that have a one size fits all plan for SEO, our strategy is completely white-hat and will build your brand with a strong foundation so you not only achieve top rankings but those rankings are maintained. Let our experts analyze your current rank and provide you with a comprehensive plan to achieve your company goals.


Web Development

We not only have the top marketers in the industry but we also have leading developers in all areas. We understand that to propel your marketing strategy, you need to have a strong website and landing pages. We don't just create great looking pages but we add all the bells and whistles so that we can track all aspects of the marketing campaigns. Many agencies focus solely on the marketing and don't pay attention to development factors that can increase conversions dramatically and help your overall rankings.


Lead Verification

Up to 25% of leads never have a chance to convert because a user inputs inaccurate information, whether accidentally or on purpose. Many advertisers consider this a cost of doing business, but Gen 3 Ventures actively verifies leads before they are submitted, delivering the highest possible percentage of “good leads”. Contact info is verified real time and, if an issue is identified, the information is either corrected or the user is prompted to make a change.